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About Michael Canale

At Michael Canale, the values of craftsmanship and a spirit of adventure are central to our story of creativity. The art of expression, respect for nature, and inherent appreciation for aesthetic value drives us to create unique and exceptional objects. 

Each piece from our first collection is manufactured in New York by skilled artisans who bring their expertise and attention to quality to every item they create. The company is committed to its manufacturing model - create with attention to quality and support artisans in the United States and around the world.

Foundational Elements At the heart of our brand are four core pillars: craftsmanship, functionality, design, and materials. These foundational elements inform every aspect of our work, guiding us in creating pieces that reflect our dedication to quality and excellence.
Emphasis on Comfort At the forefront of our design process is the idea of elevating comfort without compromising on style. The outcome is a collection of discreet and comfortable garments characterized by their simplicity and versatility.

Contemporary Vision

At Michael Canale, we cherish our connections with customers, artisans, and the essential elements of our creations. By attentively addressing the lifestyle and needs of our customers, we consistently uphold our core values in all aspects of our work.